Questions on Meridian 506.24

Hello, I hoping someone here can clarify on whether the chip used in the Meridian 506.24 is the same Crystal 4390 24-bit chip as the one used in the 508.24?

Besides the absence of the balanced output in the 506.24, what are the other differences between the 506.24 and the 508.24?

Finally, how is the performance of the 506.24 compare to the 508.24?

Thanks for the attention and feedback.

Best regards.
I had a 506.24 and 508.20, so maybe close enough to shed some light.

I don't know about the chips but if that's a big concern, you can call Meridian USA and ask them. The # is on their website.

As for the sound, the 506.24 was a good performer but I really preferred the 508.20, as it was better in all aspects. I would say as a general summation that it was on the warm side of neutral with a good soundstage.