Questions on Cartridge/Stylus/Preamp for MCS 6700

Hi everyone. I'm going back to vinyl after 30-35 years. After some research, I just got an MCS 6700 in excellent working condition. It came with an old Shure 2215 cartridge that is working. It had a Shure 2225 stylus but it broke, so I need one. That stylus is no longer available but read there are several styli that will fit the 2215 cartridge. My amplifier is a NAD T 763 with no phono stage so I also need a preamp. I dont know if it is important or not, but I have a pair of paradigm monitor 7. Im not an audiophile by any means but I love music and listen to lots of it. My records are mostly rock and jazz but collection will be growing.
Currently I don't want to spend more than $200 in total for preamp and stylus or cartridge and stylus if that is a better route. Here are my questions:
1. What preamp is recommended? After some research I am considering the ART DJ Pre II. It is less than $40 and it will give me more room in case It is best to get a new cartridge and stylus. At any rate, I dont want to spend more than $125 at this moment. Bear in mind I dont live in the states and shipping costs are more expensive if bought at used markets.
2. When first listen to the TT, the cartridge seem to work properly. However, should I change it? I dont know how good/mediocre/bad is the shure 2215 cart and cant find much reviews on the web. 
3. Are there a cartridge/stylus combo that costs $150 or less that would be an upgrade from the 2215 cart and the current substitutes of the shure 2225 stylus. Bear in mind the $200 total budget. So if I spend 150 on cart/stylus, only $50 will be available for the preamp.
4. Is it best to just buy a new stylus for the 2215 cartridge and leave more budget for the preamp? If so, which stylus and which preamp?
Thanks in advance for your help and may the 2017 be a blessing to all.