Questions for Coincident Frankenstein MKII owners

Dear owners of Coincident Frankenstein MKII mono block amps,

I am on a quest for an ultimate SET amp to pair with my beloved Klipsch Cornwall II (upgraded Crossovers Type A) 101db sensitivity speakers. Right now I pair the Cornwalls with a Leben CS300XS (using JJ EL84s tubes throughout).

At this point in time and with my budget, I've narrowed down my choices to either the Coincident Frankenstein MKII mono blocks or a Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier. I listen to a wide variety of music and require an amp that can play all genres well.

Please share with me your thoughts on the following:

1. Can the Coincident Frankenstein's play rock music well? I do believe it will play jazz, classical and acoustic music very well. Its the noisier stuff that I occasionally like to headbang to that I'm unsure whether the Frankensteins can pull off with aplomb.

2. Is there anything that the Coincident Frankenstein amps DO not do exceptionally well?

I truly appreciate your replies. I have been reading, researching and hunting high and low for the ultimate SET amp to pair with my Klipsch Cornwalls. I want to stop mucking around with equipment and get on with listening to MUSIC.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Tan (Suntzu)
Hello Jeremy,
I've owned my Frankenstein MK II since September 2009 and can state with
all sincerity that my joy and admiration for them has grown. My speakers
are 94 db sensitive and a14 ohm load, far less sensitivity than yours.
When I occasionally listen to rock or electric blues the sound is very
realistic, engagingly and propulsive(timing and musical pace are
exceptional). Sound levels are 95-100 db and the
presentation is without a sense of strain. This type of listening is relatively
rare for me but the point is the Frankenstein does this with 94 db speakers.
With your 101 db speaker I can't imagine that you'd have any problems,
and I assume the load of your speakers are relatively easy (?).

My genre is overwhelmingly acoustic jazz with typical listening levels of
75-83 db averaged out. With the appropriate speaker match I believe that
you will enjoy all music genres and not feel restricted in your choices.The

best compliment I can give this amplifier is it sounds superbly "natural" and
provides excellent realism. I haven't heard the Line Magnetic SET amplifiers
but reviews and word of mouth says they're really quite good.

IMHO I just don't believe that you could go wrong with either of these SET
amplifiers. One final suggestion, the Frankenstein definitely responses to
the higher quality level 300b tubes, the extra cost is worth it for the
superiorssound . I'd have to think that this would be the case for the Line
Magnetic amplifier as well.
Best of Luck,