Questions for Audio Engineers

Is there an Audio Engineer out there that could recommend a
book that an ordinary person could read, that will demystify
the scoop on constructing good sounding speakers?

What is the scoop on cables? Some of these cables are selling for as much as 100 dollars/foot..Would it be wiser to invest in a larger amp?
"Building Speaker Systems" by Gordon McComb
"Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" by Vance Dickason
"How to Design, Build,& Test Complete Speaker Systems" by David B. Weems
"The Audiophile Loudspeaker Anyone Can Build" by Gene Heal
And lots more... Check your local public library.
As for cables: see the "cable Asylum" at the website: Audioasylum... All they talk about are the making of cables 'at home in your spare time...'
While i've never read the book that Elizabeth mentions by Gene Heal, most of David Weems' books are pretty easy to follow along with. I would start there and THEN look at Vance Dickason's book. Kind of like getting the basics down and THEN going deeper into the explanations, specifications and details. Sean
I know you asked for a book, but I've been working on the same idea lately and found these helpful: or just (if you opt for biamping)
the last one isn't a design site but has five good articles on cables, and the middle url has two articles on cables and lots on diy.