questions concerning used atc 50 passive purchase

I have always wanted a pair of atc's if the reviews of them are accurate (most detailed midrange etc etc.).  living in rural Appalachia i have no real opportunity to hear them in trial...however a used pair just came up for sale...

they are passive atc scm50sl.  owner says 20 yrs old, with old-style tweeters.  they would come with a threshold amp.  
I have a couple of questions for those with experience...
1.  What should i be wary of with regard to capacitors and tweeters ferrofluid drying?  
2. is it a given that i should send them in for work? (and if so how should that affect what i offer i.e. what could a ballpark updating look like price-wise?  Or could they have a few years left in them (anecdotal experience counts)? what would be a fair price in your mind for said purchase, assuming speakers in great shape other than age?  They come with stands and grills. 
I would prefer active but have always coveted that amp.  and i am not sure how often used actives come up in price range, may purchase actives several years down road.
I apologize if topic has been covered.. i did some reading on site with other threads on the tweeter issue but there seemed no consensus.  The gentleman selling did not describe any need for these actions.  Apologies as well for poor grammar and spelling.  
thank you in advance.

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Thanks lx.  i called lone mountain.  They were helpful.  Sent me to musicdirect but it was too late today. The new models are currently out of my price range.  But in a few yrs... When some things are paid off.  Would passives give me a good sense of what to expect down the road?
Thanks much.  I'm just getting into the hobby.  What would you consider a reasonable deal? If you dont mind me asking?