Questions about Zerostat use

I recently purchase a Zerostat gun (blue).There is no manual whatsoever so i have several questions regarding its use.The box says just to slowly press the trigger 12 inches from the record and then slowly depress it.
1.Should i point away when depressing the trigger?
2.Should i do it on each side of the LP?
3.Can i use it on cartridges and cables?If yes,how?
4.A small plastic piece that came in the box:is it just the protective cover or is it for something else?
I really appreciate your help!Thanks.
There was a thread recently that recommended pointing the Zerostat away for the release. I've been trying that technique and it's been working well for me. I only do a single side at a time, and only if I notice a static issue. Squeeze slowly and steadily. Release the same way.

Do not point this thing at a cartridge.

Cables can be safe. Try it and see if you hear any difference. Move the nozzle along the surface of the cable at a distance of 6-8" or so while you squeeze. Then listen. I use a Walker Audio Talisman along my cables periodically (but at a closer distance) and I hear a positive difference most times after doing it, more so than I've gotten with the Zerostat. Worth trying.

The small plastic piece is just a protective cover to the best of my knowledge.
It has been a long while since I used one, but, I believe you must keep the gun pointed at the record at all times. Slowly and steadily pull the trigger until it is fully depressed, then very slowly and steadily release the trigger (all the time pointed at the record). If at any time you hear a click and you feel the tension in the trigger has suddenly gone away, you have either pushed or released the trigger too fast.

You can tell if it is working right if you can feel a slight breeze when you aim the gun at your own arm. Just don't touch the tiny pin in the barrel while pulling the trigger, that little experiment will hurt.
Mine came with a little indicator that lights up when I pint the Zerostat at it and pull the trigger. That's how you know it is working.

I agree with Rushton, don't use this on your cartridge!

I suppose it may have some effect on cables but I use something much stronger than the Zerostat or Talisman for cables and tubes.
Most of the directions above are correct. Always point it at the record...squeezing the trigger emits positive ions, releasing it releases negative ions.
I too am new to all this.

Should this be done while the record is sitting on the turntable platter or should it be done away from the turntable? Reason I ask is due to the fact that you guys suggested that it not be done on cartrdiges.
When using the Zerostat on a record, I've had fine success doing it both with the record on the platter and in my hand. Try it both ways and see what's most effective for you. Holding the record in your hand certainly removes the risk of accidentally aiming it at your cartridge, but I've not had a problem using it with the LP on the platter - just being careful not to point the nozzle at the cartridge. Either way, move the nozzle in a circular motion around the surface of the record as you squeeze the trigger.

Follow Larryi's recommendation for the squeeze technique, and keep the nozzle about 6" from the surface. Someone in an earlier thread shared the instructions that came with his Zerostat to point the nozzle away from the record when releasing the trigger. I'd always done it as Larryi describes: keeping it pointed at the LP at all times. Since that thread, I've experimented with pointing it away on the release and that seems to work well.

I think the key factor in all of this is to experiment and find what works consistently for you. FWIW, notwithstanding all the discussion, I find the Walker Audio Talisman to be my tool of choice at this point for each LP play, and the Zerostat stays in the cabinet.

What happens if you point it at your cartridge?
Why the caution as to aiming it at the cartridge??
At the San Jose Analog Room I was told to use this technique and if you spray ions on the cartridge while playing an lp you get a nasty sound and be embarassed for the "know-nothing-newbie" you exposed yourself to be.


1. Place record on turntable and turn platter on.
2. Aim Zerostat at record about 4-6 inches and slowly squeeze trigger until you hear a click.
3. MOST IMPORTANT Pull Zerostat away from record and release the trigger. (Don't aim at cartridge when squeezing the trigger.)

Do only the lp side you're playing

Also, you can treat your CDs. Hold CD in one hand and use the Zerostat on the underside of the CD using the same aim-squeeze-pull away cited earlier. Put CD in tray and play.

I've never heard of any Zerostat application on cables and I think it's a waste as only the shielding get's sprayed.

Finally, the Zerostat's magnet or internals will wear out so don't be squeezing the trigger like there's no tomorrow because it'll eventually wear out - no longer "click" (discharge) when you squeeze the handle. Then it's time to pony up another $70 for a new one.
Due to a weak dollar it is $100 now.
Best is trying not to use zerostat. Avoid static electricity by grounding properly the TT bearing with tonearm base and phonopreamp, if you have carpet, walk barefeet, use antistatic innersleeves.
Has anyone ever zapped their cartridge with a Zerostat? What happened? The manual for the Zerostat does not say anything about zapping/not zapping a cartridge. I've been using Zerostats for over 30 years and have regularly used it on the cartridge/tonearm of several different systems with never a glitch.
Goofytwoshoes, if you've been aiming your Zerostat at your catridges all this time and have not had a problem, I'm delighted for you. I've always made a point of not doing this because I've been concerned about the possible impact of such a concentrated charge hitting a delicate set of coils and magnets. No other reason than caution, though.