Questions about Wall Audio Opus 120 phono

Anybody own or have any experience with this phono stage or any other gear offered by Wall Audio.
tooblue seems high@55db?MC@70...great if you're going to use a very low MC. But the popular .5mv or so carts...won't that introduce extra noise, particularly since your preamp will add it's own gain?
Guess you just have to be extra picky about cart selection.

It's full tube, so it's gonna be a little noisier than most of the popular models using step up for MC gain, and FET in the design. My old Fosgate(full tube) is hissy when cranked, not a deal breaker. But if you're obsessive about noise, and used to SS quiet, likely not happening with this unit?

@tablejockey , thanks for the info but really looking for some first hand experience with this unit, read all the info available even a review translated from German to English. The Opus 120 has two different M/C inputs, one high and one lower plus a M/M input. I run in my main system, an Allnic H1500se II which has 13 tubes and it is just short of dead quiet. In my headphone system I run a Aural Thrills Serenade which runs 4 12AX7 tubes and it has a little more noise than the Allnic. Highend Audio is winding their business down and offered their demo for sale here on Agon at a blow out price, $990.00 so I jumped on it even before I realized it had a lower M/C input as well as the 70 db. I will get with the dealer today and get some input.
After a second look it seems that it has the ability to run two different M/C inputs but am not sure that they aren't the same gain. The phone looks impressive and has some really nice features so even if the gain is at 70db for both M/C inputs My Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe preamp has a 15db attenuation switch to help with the high gain of the phone plus I seem to favor the lower output moving coils and own the AT ART7 @ .12mv, LYRA HelikonSL @.24mv, Dynavector DRT XV1s @ .34mv and my favorite the ZYX Universe @ .24mv. Another thought here is that my ATA Serenade is rated @ 60db but plays louder than my Allnic H1500 rated @ 66db through the same system.
Great score for $999! I would have jumped on it, if I stumbled across the listing, at that price.  What was the MSRP? 4-5k?

Your ART7 will sing. I use the ART9. Would like to try the 7, if I had the additional gain.
"Another thought here is that my ATA Serenade is rated @ 60db but plays louder than my Allnic H1500 rated @ 66db through the same system"
Interesting. The ATA matches up better than the Allnic in your setup?Input capacitance value which isn't an adjustable setting?

Good luck. For that price, if you don't like it,  no problem recouping your money if you sell it. You probably could sell it for a profit!

@tablejockey , Thanks for the input. After going back and rereading the translated review, it does say the second mc setting is 6db less output, so 64db and that should be a great fit for me. I also have the AT ART9 running on my headphone system and was looking forward to hearing it in that system as well. Really didn't need another phono stage but do have a very short list of items I would like to try if they become available so as I was doing my daily sweep of new adds this popped up, I just couldn't resist especially with the 2 year warranty intact, with that said I will be selling one of the three when all said and done. Enjoy the music
Are you serious? $999??
That had a MSRP of $6490!!!

Crime of the Century.... Lol.

Looks like an amazing flexible phono.

Great deal there and well done.
@uberwaltz, yeah I know, could not get much info so went ahead and pulled the trigger so not to miss out. @slaw, going to pull my Allnic out of my main rig and run it there for a while then try it with my headphone setup and see how it fairs there, but will update the post after I get some time on it as it should be broke in already. Enjoy the music
tooblue wins the internet this week!

A deal like that is the only way  I acquire nice gear.

Also a reminder, of what kind of markup necessary to operate a business.

Bravo! Reminder to peruse listings, and be ready to whip the card out.

Report back with review. Looks like something waiting for tube tweaking. 
FYI, received the Opus 120 Wednesday and slipped it into my main system replacing the Allnic HE1500, gave it a quick listen to make sure all was well before shutting it down till that eve to do some serious listening. The Opus 120 has a mm input with 45 db of gain and a mc input with either 64 or 70 db of gain. After 8 albums/16 sides running my ZYX Universe w/.24mv output on the 70 db of gain setting loaded at 100 ohms, it is easy to tell that this is a very special phonostage and every bit the equal of the Allnic, just a different flavor if you will. The unit is very much a keeper and the best buy of my audio life, as it is not leaving and will spend sometime in both my systems. 
Congrats! It’s safe to say, for $1000, you have THE BEST phonostage....period.
With the bundle you saved, if a little audio excitement hits again, NOS tubes for the gain section, or a new power cord!

Enjoy the Beethoven’s 5th or Pink Floyd’s "Money" LOUD!

Edit: how’s the noise factor? When does the noticeable tube rush creep in? Volume halfway?
@tablejockey , going to get some time on it and let my ears adapt before starting the tube rolling, the unit has 12 tubes, 4 of which are for the power supply/rectification, out of the 12 tubes 9 are Ecc82s/12AU7s so I think I will start there. Enjoy the music
Likely, it's just one tube(2-L/R) that will make the most impact. Find out where the gain tube is.
As always, a YMMV thing. Changing the rectifier tube is another arguable subject as well.

Enjoy. My 7 year old Fosgate has become buggy. This will be the 2nd repair, which will be a hassle of packing it, sending it off with a long downtime.
Might be an excuse for a little audio excitement, and excuse for a new toy.
Well, @tablejockey , the possible downside of the Wall is having to send to Germany for any repairs, assuming they are still in business at that time.
slaw-Until I find an outstanding deal as tooblue, I won't be considering the Wall.Certainly not holding my breath!
I will be perusing the listings, ready to pounce on something half of retail, that's for certain.
Audio at list price would keep me out of the game.
Wife and I have a very good friend who's brother married and settled in Germany after his military commitment 45 years ago, as a matter of fact my wife is there now visiting with said friend and they are doing some recon for me on this company and specifically this phono stage. Company seems to be stable and well thought of in Europe, just having trouble getting footing in North America.