Questions about the vintage STD 305M turntable

I bought this turntable while in the UK, and brought it over here with me. It still has the original Hadcock 228 arm and Ortofon M-20FL cartridge installed.
I have not used the turntable for many years, having converted to CD, SACD and DVD-A from vinyl, and feel a bit guilty that I might be sitting on something that an audiophile might cherish.
The question is whether this is still considered a useful turntable?
Anyone remember it?

I used to sell them in Canterbury in the UK many moons ago. The STD305M was a pretty good TT at the time and was a true alternative to the LP12, along with the Logic DM101 and the JBE (slate TT) in the late 70s. Sadly it like many other LP12 alternatives got trashed by the UK Hi-Fi press at the time along with the Jap uberdecks such as the Technics SP10 and the big Micro-Seikis.

Your Hadcock is likely to an early 228 export like mine. The STD's still a pretty good TT, a step up from the ubiquitous Thorens TD160 at the time. Why not just keep it and use it. It'll match your CD player, but you'll probably need a new cart as your ortofon must be 20 years old by now.


Thanks for your response. My 228 is the original UK version (not sure what the export version is), since I bought my equipment over there before I emigrated.

I no longer have any vinyl, so it doesn't make sense for me to keep the deck. Maybe I'll contact the local audiophile locations and see if someone might want it.