Questions about the Merlin TSM-M

After much consideration (and as of yet no recent auditioning) I am considering going to monitors and subs. As a listener I prefer the better imaging, transparency and soundstaging of monitors. As a non-homeowner I need the greater flexibility in setup and tuning of a monitor/sub setup as the room changes. My floor standers currently dictate my living space and that needs to change.

The leading contender, based primarily on my known likes and dislikes plus various reviews, is the Merlin TSM-M. Lots of rave reviews, but don't worry; I'm not buying without hearing them.

I have load of questions, but if you could help with the most pressing for now it would be appreciated.

The amp I would like to use is a McCormack DNA-1 (SMcAudio Rev. B upgraded). Initially the source will be primarily CD straight into the amp (the current CDP is also being replaced; maybe a Resolution Audio CD-55?). Any cautions about this approach? My expectation is it might sound a hair edgy, but this will be for the short term.

For a preamp I'm considering the Audible Illusions Modulus 3A. Comments? Better ideas?

The biggest question is about subs. Here I'm leaning toward a pair of Vandies for their quickeness and subs in general for more flexibility in setup. Another possibility is a pair of Rel Stratas. Given the need for being able to integrate them in as wide a varity of rooms as possible which would be better?

Lastly, I am curious how current owners have their TSM's setup. Does their being a sealed cabinet allow closer placement to the front wall? Would you classify them as nearfield or do they work at a distance. How big is the room, which stands are you using, etc.

I know this is long and is asking a lot of questions in one bite, but answers to them will help me a great deal in making this transition. Thanks in advance.
I don't know anything about the TSM-M (I have the VSM-M), but I would also recommend asking Bobby at Merlin about some of those issues...specifically the questions about amp/subwoofer compatability and placement. He's heard his speakers with many amps and different placements too (trade shows, you know). He knows his speakers well and has been very helpful to me on several occasions.

I would be cautious of the Res. Audio CD55 players. Do a search here and on AA. They're supposed to sound great, but I remember several people posting about transport failures. Those particular transports were apparently discontinued and Res. Audio had no way to fix those units.
I have Merlin TSM-M's (on Osiris stands); with a VTL 2.5TL pre-amp & ARC VT100 MKII amp. I love this combination. I'm using them in a 12x16 ft. room. Someone you might want to ask for advice is Rich of Signature Sound. I believe Galen Carol is also a Merlin dealer & I think he is also very knowledgeable. Your plan for amp & pre-amp sounds fine--but of course there are many other excellent choices in both categories. However, I think for the $$$$ used the VTL 2.5TL pre-amp & ARC VT100 MKII amp are hard to beat.