Questions about the McIntosh C2300

A few question about this pre-amp. How new is it? When was it introduced? What feature does the phono stage have? Can you change gain etc on the fly while listening? How does it compare to others at this price level? I have Aesthetix Calypso/Rhea (original). Does the McIntosh improve with tube rolling?? If so....any suggestions?

Thanks all

Rick (RWD)
- It has been out for 18 mnths one would guess.
- Has two phono stages - MM and MC. MM has capacitance and MC has loading on the fly from the remote - very neat. No gain adjustment except via the line inputs where you can adjust + or - 6db from memory.
- IMO it will sound more organic and definately quieter than your Rhea. Does not have 3 inputs thou.
- line stage is quite neutral and bass is tight rather than weighty, not your typical tube sound and has bass and treble adjustment on the fly per input.
- sounds quite a bit better with telkefunken NOS, however the stk tubes are quite good.
- takes a good 200 hours to loosen up and sound at its best.

have you heard it??
Here is a link to the owners manual off of the McIntosh website. I find that reading the owners manual answers a lot of questions. This is a nice peice and I almost purchased one because of the way it would intergrate with my MX135 but went another direction.
Rick I find this McIntosh preamp a real pleasure to use along with great looks to match.

Downunder nailed the discription of this American built beauty with his brief comments above.

I agree, not your typical sounding tube design, really no character or imposed sound of it's own so yes quite neutral and VERY quiet.

Built quality along with fit and finish is superb in typical McIntosh fashion.
You will find this preamp a top contender for what it sells for and most definitely the 2300 should be on your short list.
Thanks all for your response.

Downunder, no I have not heard it. I might though in the near future but the best way to test a new product is to bring it home with you and do an in-house side by side test.

Rick (RWD)