questions about the DVP S9000es

does it play CDRs? how 'bout CDR/W's? how does it sound on movies?

Although the manual says it does not support CDR my experience is that it does work. You need to use CDR for music and record at low speed, no more than 2x.
Wouldn't trust that it would... it never played any of mine...
Yea same here never played any CDR I tried to play in it.

No luck here either.
I used cr-rw's and never had a problem. I also have 2 sony dvd 360's that work the same way.
Tim Flemke
I have burn more than a dozen on my Compaq Presario using the Easy CD Creator 5. All but the first one work faultlessly. The first one was burn at 8x speed and the DVP-S9000ES will not play it. I burn the rest at 2x speed and every single one worked. I used Memorex Music CD-R, which costs $5 more than regular CD-R for a 50 Pack. I was told that Music CD-R has a special code embedded and some CD players do not like the ones without the code. The DVP-S9000ES seems to be one of them.
wow, interesting. not much consensus...seems to be a question of which disks, software or recording speed one uses to burn the CDRs. thanks for the info.

p.s. i just picked up a factory sealed 9000es with warranty from authorized dealer for $825. mods to come.
I bought the memorex music CD-R and CD-RW. Guess what--none of them work in my 9000ES. This came up in a previous forum, and we concluded, but never actually tested (I would have liked to), that my CD writer was the culprit. It's an HP CD writer plus 8200 series. The person that was able to make this combination work was using the 8300 series. We were both using adaptec software (although I have Nero software and may try to experiment once more).

Other things to note: I'm using an external writer through a USB port--I write at 1X for all of these tests.
I have one of these Sony units and I just got a disc copied by a friend of mine and it will not play on my unit. It will play on my Krell unit however, so I know it's not the disc.
Cdrw's work on my Sony 9000es. No cdrs have worked, regardless of brand or whether or not they were recorded via computer or my Pioneer elite cd recorder.
Don-Geez our systems must sound very similar! what pre are you using? it is pretty uncanny the same components we are using.
tim, i am now using a BAT vk-30. the 30 sounds great but i recently made the mistake of trying a vk-50 in my system -unbelievable improvement in all respects. i listed the 30 for sale on a-gon with the intention of buying a used vk-50 (can't afford the 50se). however, victor khomenko told me that he thinks a 30se is as good or better than a vk-50. so....i may keep my 30 and have it upgraded.

i forgot what preamp you were using. how do you like it?
Don- Man this would have been weird if I got a VK-30 as well, which was at the top of my list, but I just didn't like the volume knob! what a complaint, eh? Besides another member here offered me a killer deal on his old pre which was an offer too good to refuse. So I am currently running an Accuphase DC-300(with some toys :) which is amazing, exceeds my highest expectations. I am a "tube" guy and love it(the DC-300), may even try an Accuphase A-50v in my system for a while, but that will be down the road(always gotta be planning though!) I am thinking of either having my VK-60 upgraded to VK60se spec or selling it in lue of a VK-75se, but thats all speculation at this point I need new cables and that is my spring goal! One step at a time!!