Questions about Speltz zeros and MA-2 amps

Paul Speltz is away until August 13, so I can't ask him these questions. I am thinking of them for the SP Tech Revelations III, 4 ohm impedance, on order. My amp is an Atma-Sphere MA-2 II, modified with an extra driver tube and other modifications performed in 2004.
(1) What does Ralph think about their interaction with this amp?
(2) Does it matter how long the jumpers from amp to Zero box are? I need about 4 feet and Speltz says "short jumpers"
(3) Do the jumpers have to be Speltz cable?
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Springbok, the MA-2 amps are quite comfortable driving a 4 ohm load. You likely don't need the autoformer for this combination unless the speakers have some crazy low minimum impedance dip. The MA-2s work beautifully here with Eidolons, a nominal 4 ohm speaker with a 3.6 ohm minimum impendance.

Keep in mind that the autoformers have their own sonic signature that will be added, and they will introduce some veiling to the sound.

You might be well served to get your speakers and listen to them with the MA-2s first before diving into the autoformer.
Springbok10, I would try it without the ZEROs first. The best info I've been able to turn up on the SP Tech is that as a 4 ohm load it is rather benign, without a lot of weird phase angles and the like.

The MA-2 should drive it quite easily. I'd be interested in your feedback of course.