Questions about Musical Fidelity V-Link USB/SPDIF

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I will be taking delivery of a Musical Fidelity V-Link usb to spdif 24/96 converter. I will be using this in conjunction with my Emotiva XDA-1 dac on the second coaxial input. I am looking forward to hearing some Hi-Res music through the dac which I couldn't do using the Emotiva's usb input. I am hoping for a slightly more engaging sound overall.

I would love to hear from anyone who is using or has used the Musical Fidelity converter.

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There was a very solid review of it a few years back by SP.

Should work well. Let us know how it sounds!
Found the review of the v-link
I have a XDA-1 as well and want to purchase a V-link as I have read it does significantly improve the sound. Would like to hear more comments if possible.

The V Link brought the XDA-1 to the next level. Music sounded much more relaxed and I could listen for many hours at a time. Bass was good, mids and highs were smooth. I recently moved up to the Wyred4Sound DAC1 and using in conjunction with the V Link, the sound is much fuller, bass goes much deeper. Highs are very pure, no hint of grain. By comparison, the XDA-1 sounded a bit lighter. Even though my new dac has the 24/96 usb input, I prefer the sound with the V Link in the equation. It also enables me to listen to 88.2KHZ files as well.

I also foiund that digital cables made a big difference, I settled on Wireworld Starlight usb and spdif.

Hi Bob,
Is this the original V Link in black with the scared black cat printing on it, close out for 99, or the newer mk ll that usually sells for $189?