Questions about Avalon Opus Ceramique

I’m using a pair of Avalon Ascendant II now, and my amp is:

Per-amp:         Electrocompaniet EC-4.8

Power-amp:     Electrocompaniet AW-180 (8 ohms: 250W, 4 ohms: 380W)


I'm interested in Indra but the price is too high, so what I'm thinking a used Opus, and I have some questions about this speaker:

1) May I know what is the present 2nd hand market price between a good condition Avalon Opus Ceramique and Avalon Opus?


2) What is the price difference between Walnut Burr Opus Ceramique and normal maple (or walnut) Opus Ceramique?


3) Do you think my amp can handle Opus Ceramique very well?  I have a small listening area (11’ x 20’).