Questions about and source for Kuzma Reference tt

I have developed an interest in the Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable. It seems this product dates back to at least 1990 and has about doubled in price since then. Does anyone know whether or how the table has been updated or modified since its inception, and who sells them in the US market? A search of the internet failed to reveal a dealer or distributor. Thanks for any and all info.
Lewm, There has been MUCH change during that time!
To have it all explained to you , i would speak to Bill Parish of GTT Audio in Longbranch, NJ.
He is a dealer for Kuzma and is quite knowlegable on they're set-up and sound...
Just tell him "Jake" sent you :)
Thanks, Azjake. Are you a user? If so, have you compared it to other top tables?
I recommend that you call the distributor, Elite Audio Video Distribution in Los Angeles, 323-466-9694, and ask for Peder Beckman (extension 21) who will direct you to your nearest dealer.

I am a Kuzma dealer, located in the Chicago area.

Brian Walsh

I've heard the Kuzma Stabi XL with AirLine arm in a completely familiar situation over a period of eight months or more.

Short answer, it's a state of the art combo and among the best ever made (in my opinion). If you want a highly detailed report it's better by phone than me typing a page here.

Use the Audiogon server (click on my name) to email me and I will forward you my phone number.

And no, I don't have a Kuzma or any other turntable for sale :^).
Hi Lewn,
I stumbled across this thread. I see you have not purchased a Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable and I am curious to know what conclusions you reached about it. Thanks.