Questions about a Homemade Brightstar Big Rock

Hi everyone.I've had some thoughts about making myself some sort of compatible isolation "Table", to sit my HW-19 Turntable upon in my Rack.I assume the Brightstar Big Rocks are pretty much sand filled boxes, correct? While I've seen pictures of these online (but not in person), all they appear to be to me, is a spray painted MDF "Box", with an inner "Plinth" that "rests" inside the sandfilled box lying on top of the sand. Is this correct? Is there anything I'm leaving out? I'd like to perhaps construct one, and any pointers/advice, or even a detailed pic would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, Mark
They have 4 rubber screw-in feet. You might try 3 cones or feet for your design. They also include 4 1/2" cross section foam strips that press fit around the plinth to contain the sand. Hammerite paint might look cool. You might need to add a primer/sealer on the MDF though. Other options could be black texture paint or custom hardwood. Match or contrast with the wood on your turntable.

Under the section Isolation Devices there are DIY instructions for making a "sandbox".
Hello, if you go to my ad I am selling two very large Brightstar "sandbox" just perfect for your application.
I don't think that the Bright Star platforms use MDF for the top plate. The platforms I have look to be made up of some wodd-pulp like material. I think this was intentional but I can't tell you if it makes an improvement over an DIY designs. I've made a couple of platforms myself and you'd be better off finding a used one on 'Gon for about $100 or so.
Hi Mark,

Thank you for your interest in our Big Rock platform.

We use a special order material as the Plinth (top plate) and depending on the specific model, the Big Rock's Plinth can be up to six layers thick. All of our vibration control platforms - Big Rock, IsoRock and Air Mass - use multiple layer construction and constrained layer damping as do the Little Rock pods that are placed on top of equipment.

We do have a number of factory-direct specials available that are quite affordable. Please contact me directly if you are interested. That will save you considerable time and avoid the "hit or miss" inevitability of a DIY version of an established design.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan
Bright Star Audio