Questionable service at Soundsmith

I sent my Benz Micro for a re-tipping.  After they received my cartridge I get an email on how to check status of the job.  Their website tells you retipping takes 8 - 14 weeks.  Well that came and went, I did not hear anything.  I checked the status now and then, nada.  I started to worry because it's been about a year now.  Finally, I decided to give them a call and find out what is going on.  In my mind, I'm thinking, have they lost my cartridge?  Did they misplace it?  What?  I couldn't get through, goes straight to voicemail every time.  So I decided to email an address I got from their website to ask for help.  I got a response that it will be done soon, they are really back logged.  An hour later, I get another email from another person saying it was done and ready to ship.  What?!  Did they just do a rush job on my cartridge?  Because I started to complain?  That they've had my cartridge laying around for about a year!  And here's the kicker, please pay $450 for the retipping.  Nice.  
Peter, as you say, it is almost impossible to not offend someone with any comment these days. People want to make everything about THEMSELVES !  Some will be offended you don't post. 😀
Btw, you have 3 of my cartridges; take your time, no worries. 
Peter, your work and your posts are appreciated. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Inna, your post is despicable. 
Inna, that was horrible of you to say!
Cold,callous and indifferent!
These people are NOT machines and should be treated with dignity in ANY case!

Perhaps YOU should submit to "retyping" starting with your head!
I got my delos back and one channel was not working.  I took a picture of it hooked up to the meter and Andy was saying I was hiding something in the pic, or I doctored the pic or something!!  The other had a collapsed suspension. Basically he refused to accept responsibility. I filed a paypal claim and lost. So at some point when I can stomach dealing with it I will send them both to ss. 

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I wouldn't stop contributing because of a contrary post. I think most here are sympathetic and understanding.