Question to Levinson DAC Owners

I recently purchased a 36S, and am now in need of a transport. I was thinking of a 37 for the benefits I get from the communication port, but will this piece really help out the sound quality? Since the 36S (and the rest of the 36x series)has the FIFO buffer and re-clocks everything anyway, wouldn't almost any transport do if I don't have to worry about jitter? Has anyone tried a 36x DAC with several transports? Thanks.
I use a fairly inexpensive Wadia 22 with my Levinson 36
with VERY good results, it took away all the hard edges of the music, most important when using B&W 804's which are too forward with most combinations.
I have hooked several Transports to it but this seemed to be the best combo by a stretch.

Hope this helps,, feel free to ask any further questions or see my system for associated equipment info.
I'm using a 360S with a Sony SCD-1 as a transport. The combination works great.

I've tried various transports and players used as transports, and they all sound different. The cheaper the transport, the worse it sounds. The cheap DVD players are the worst.
Believe it or not, one of the best transports is a Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player, with the right mods, of course. The clock in this unit is so stable that even adding a Superclock2 makes very little improvement. I take some of these to trade shows with me, including CES and the other attendees cannot believe how good it is. I end-up lending some of these out for the duration of the show...
Wow. So even though the 36x re-clocks the data from the transport, you guys are hearing a difference when using different transports. Thanks for your input. That really helps.

Mrfastguy250aol, what types of interconnects and speaker cable are you using?? Are you using stock power cords??
I use the stock cord on the Levinson so far and most of the time an entry level Shunyata on the Wadia.
I have a Voodoo 90 degree iec but it wont fit under the Levinson ;-(
I continue to look for cords for it.
I have a levinson 38s.
The guy I bought it from included a real crappy cord.
What about raising the Levinson onto points or some type of isolation product?
(or some cut in 1/2 tennis balls?)
Have you tried anything similar?
I use vibrapods with the new vibracones which gives plenty of room to add after market power cords with my 360s.
Good listening,
fwiw, i have a ml-360s and a #37- the combo is quite a bit better sounding than a friend's ml#39 cdp. i would think the #39's transport is the same as a #37, so all i can say is you should get excellent results from a #37/36s pair. but at the same time, i paired a ps-audio lambda transport ($1500 new) w/ a goldmund/meta research dac yrs. ago (using a goldmund dig.cable) and the ps audio was sonically indespensable over a denon cdp used as a transport- i couldn't enjoy listening to the denon/goldmund. so imho, a good transport is (unfortunately) a must have.
I use an Audio Note CDT-2 with my Levinson 36S. I really like the combo. A touch more musical than the Levinson 37. Enjoy listening.
I have a ML 36's dac and I obtained excellent results using a MBL transport, the improvment was in all area's. I know that the dac may be considered outdated but good pairing with the right dac can bring very good results.
Use 37/36s.Real improvement will be atained with superior Transport.Get 37 or even better 31/31.5.Look for used .To expensive new.Also use Madrigal MBC 1 AES/EBU.Top Kimber dig iconnects also used with good results.