Question to Esoteric Master clock owners


Just got the Esoteric G-01 clock to use with the P02 D02. The improvement is very nice all around and makes this very nice system even better.

Was wondering best/correct way to feed the 02s with the output clock signal. As you know the clock has 3 output systems A, B and C, and each one has to output terminals.

Is it better to use both terminals A to feed transport and DAC (A1 and A2 outputs) and turn off B and C outputs, or use A1 for DAC and B1 for transport and turn off A2, B2 and both Cs. Or it doesn't really matter?

Initially I connected it to both As, but the manual seems to suggest to connect DAC to A and transport to B.

How do you have it connected? Do you think it makes any difference?

Thanks for reply.
Hi Eelii,

Is it G01 or G0rb ? They are different in sampling freq., and initial speed of the clock. I believe it shouldnt matter. I connected both at A and turned off others and dimmed the unit. I can try to connect transport to A and dac to B.
Hi Eelii08,

You didn't try to connect P-02/D-02 from 10MHz?