question to an Audio Aero Capitole mk2 owner

I ordered one of these fantastic units,I just need to know if the male connector,to connect the power cord comes with the ground upside or downside(example below);

upside or downside
_ _ _

_ _ _

I'm working with the power cord to fit from my HYDRA to my stand with perfect 'U' angle. Thank's, Kike
Sorry,the example I typed was unsucessful.

Was "UPSIDE" with 1 pin up and 2 pins down

and "DOWNSIDE" with 2 pins up and 1 down

Thank's again,Kike
the ground pin is on the bottom [downside]of the IEC connection.
Hi, mine is diffrent than mejames. I have the Capitole Mk 2. Looking at the player from the front the connection is sideways with the single pin side of the connector on the left side. So 2 pins is on the right one above the other and 1 pin is on the left.
Ryan, my Audio Aero Prima has the same pin alignment as yours. First time I ever saw that.
Thank's Mejames,Ejlif, and Warrenh.Was clear and apreciated.