Question: Subwoofer XLR Cables

Hi all,

I am about to connect a new Subwoofer to my system, it will connect to my processor using a balanced cable. I went online to buy a cable (I need 15 feet) and all I could find was XLR Microphone cables. They look like they could fit but I am not sure whether a Microphone cable is the right type of cable to get.
Am I looking at the wrong places? What type of cable should I get?

Thank you in advance for all your help!
Mogami Gold Studio balanced/XLR cable is fine for subs. If you want to spend more (or buy audiophile credibility), Kimber Hero.
Another recommendation I received 2 days ago from a subwoofer manufacturer I am talking to was for Blue Jeans XLR interconnects.  VHAudio Symmetry is a nice moderately priced cable I've owned with great results; you may wish to look them up as well.