Question regarding MHZS CD66

I have a chance to buy this CD player locally for what appears to be a good price but know very little about. The few reviews that I was able to find were of little help but at least one, written by an experienced reviewer, was Extremely negative. However, it was more of an emotional rant about build quality and how products are improperly represented by Chinese manufacturers but little regarding sound quality. Does anyone on this forum have better information about this unit? Thanks
I owned one for about a year and had no trouble with it.
I thought it was a nice unit. I had to spend quite a bit more for an improvement.
It all depends on the condition and price.
Thanks, Tan43. I'm looking at this unit primarily because it seems a relatively inexpensive way ($400) to try tubes. In doing so I'm hoping to keep the detail and resolution that I now have with a solid state Shanling S100, but with warmer overall high-mid to high frequencies. Do you think I'm on the right track toward this goal? Also, what modifications did you find were necessary?