question regarding diy anticables ple

This is what I emailed out but figured I would post it here and maybe get a faster answer since im dying to hook these up.
Thanks in advance all

I just bought some of your anti cables after doing alot of research on a good cable for my budget.
I ordered 2 sets with the spades on the ends while I should of ordered the banana plug ends. I have some monster cable banana plugs just laying around, but never dealing with this type of cable im hesitant to just put the wire in the banana plug. Usually what I would do with the wire im used to is cut the clear plastic off then im left with the bare wire to put in the banana plug and then im set. Is the anti cable just all bare wire? Thanks in advance
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Do not use the Monster twist in banana wher you just twist the bare wire into the end of the banana (if that is what you have) If you have the Monster locking banana that accept a spade and it is screwed down and locked wth a hex stud.. those are pretty good and will do very well.
Otherwise I would suggest getting Audioquest banana that have a threaded back with a nut that can go onto a spade. Get them at Audio Advisor. They are pretty inexpensive.
I bet if you asked, Paul at Anti-cable would install your bananas for you at little or no cost.
It's not just bare wire; the red coating is the equivalent of a protective jacket. You need to remove an inch or so of the red coating at the wires' ends using sandpaper or steel wool.

I just went through this myself. The posts on my speakers were too small to accomodate the anti-cables' bananas, so I cut them off. (The wires were still too big, I replaced the binding posts and ultimately got rid of the speakers.)Now using the sanded ends with new speakers and excellent results.
Just request an exchange for the cables you need instead of cutting the wires. You'll kill their value if you re-terminate yourself.