Question re Well Tempered Reference

I have an opportunity to get a Well Tempered Reference Turntable plus Well-Tempered Carbon arm. However, it appears to be an older model. My quesiton is how this would stand up to current produciton models. The dealer says this one is better and is no longer made in this manner because of the costs of production.

It has what appears to be granite base in two layers with another two layers below, but whereas the current model has all four layers the same size, the bottom two on this one are about half the size of the top two and are centeredd under the top two layers, and separated by some round rubber pieces. The platter seems well made and heavy and is silver with a substantial top layer that appears to be heavy white plastic or rubber. The arm has a massive structure behind it with three round adjustable knobs on top of the structure, probably not that much different than now, although it looks bigger. There appears to be no arm rest, but the arm is enclosed in a rectangular, curved, piece attached to the rest of the structure.

The dealer says that this model had orignally sold for a about a thousand dollars more than the current Reference and not many were made. He thinks it was produced in about 1989.

In any event, if any of you are familiar with this model, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I'm thinking of replacing my Oracle (modified by Brooks Berdan) with ET2 arm.
Try contacting WT. Carl or Josh could probably answer your questions.