Question re: Phono stage gain and possible new integrated

I’m running a Pathos Classic Mk3 into Spatial M3 Turbos. At 4 ohms, the Pathos puts out 140 watts. The Spatials are rated at 94db sensitivity. In addition, I have a syrupy sweet LFD LE phonostage amplifying my Hana MC with 53 db of gain.
With the Pathos, I almost never have to turn the attenuator up past 30 (on an attenuation scale up to 99) for phono, though for digital (Oppo 105), the norm is around 35-40. I’m thinking of moving up the line to a Pathos Logos, which will supply 220 watts into 4ohms.Good idea? Or will this be too much for the LFD’s gain? My Hana is rated at 2.5 mV.

Or should I actually go to a lower powered amp?

Thank you for any advice or redirection.
Fascinating. These things have nothing to do with each other. Out of all the details provided the one that might actually matter is missing. But nevermind. It would take too long to explain. Which for me to say that wow, long!

If you learn one thing learn this: where on the dial the volume knob points is the most meaningless thing in all of audio.

Actually if you learn one thing it should be to buy the component that sounds the best. But hey, who ever said you only can learn just one thing?
Go for it if it sounds better. If your speakers are actually that sensitive, you won’t need so many watts. In fact, at moderate volume you are most likely using less than 1 watt.
... will this be too much for the LFD’s gain?
The position of the volume control you would use is not directly related to the power capability of the amp. It is related to the gain of the amp, although generally speaking (and with numerous exceptions) there tends to be a **loose** correlation between amplifier gain and amplifier power.

The Logos MkII is spec’d as having a gain of 39 db, which is reasonable for an integrated amp although perhaps a bit more than average.

A spec does not appear to be provided for the gain of the Classic One MkIII. You might email Upscale Audio or Pathos and see if they can provide that number. The only way there would be a problem, though, is if the gain of the Classic One is **much** less than 39 db (say less than 30 db or so). I doubt that is the case, but if it were it would mean that with the Logos you might have to use the volume control undesirably close to the bottom of its range.

I can’t comment, though, on how optimal a match the Logos would be for your speakers.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al

Or will this be too much for the LFD’s gain? My Hana is rated at 2.5 mV.
If your Hana is a high output MC, you should use the MM setting 39dB gain on your LFD.
Thanks for the feedback. I contacted Clayton Shaw at Spatial who kindly said much the same thing. Again, I was worried about too strong a signal strength with all that extra wattage.
@almarg Thanks for clearing things up, too.
@imhififan You're right. I just solder-bridged the LFD for an MC cartridge and I may have to de-solder it. Which should be easier than soldering the bridge in the first place.

@millercarbon. Once again I'm graced by your condescension and more-adiophile-than-thou attitude. You must be a joy to hang out with -- assuming you have friends you can buy.
Yes, either switch to the MM setting on the LFD (which requires disconnecting some internal wiring, I think) or switch to a low output Hana.  The latter would be my recommendation.  My experience is that when a low and a high output version is available for an MC cart, the low output version sounds better.   

Best, Scott