Question re: Ming Da MC 88-C integrated biasing

Anybody know if this unit needs to be biased or is it self-biasing? The little manual that comes with it is seriously lacking. Thanks.
Hi..I recently picked up the same amp,,,I've been told it has automatic biasing. How do you like your amp?
Hi Butsy.....I've been extremely happy with this integrated so far. I got in on Ebay for around $550 and put about $200 into new tubes. I went with a quad of the JJ KT88's, a quad of NOS Amperex 12AU7 orange globe (USA made) and am having the best luck with an old Holland made Amperex 12AX7A with worn orange print...not sure exactly what it is but I like it better than the halo and D getter Bugle Boys I tried. I'm running my Jolida JD100 thru it with a pair of Vandersteen 2CE signatures and for once I can say that I just listen to the music now instead of critiquing my system. I've seen differing references so far as to whether the bias needs to be set manually. Just trying to verify. Thanks for the reply.
I know this is untimely, but I have a MingDa 34AB Integrated, (The 8 el34 tube bad boy so this may not apply). My manual (brochure really) is in Chinese. My amp has trimpots for all 8 Tubes, so obviously fixed bias, however, I was told by the importer a tale that biasing is extremely dangerous for amateurs, due to some grounding issue?, and must be done by mail, by the importer, or a guitar amp shop.blah blah...

I find this ridiculous, I have no intention of shipping an 80 pound tube amp around constantly to have the bias checked. Their point is well taken that high voltage is dangerous of course. Luckily I live in a big city with guitar shops, so I guess I will take it there. By the way, my request to BUY a schematic, or service manual, or even the learn the bias setting? Forget it! And this for a product with no warranty, and no dealers! They did say that a matched set of tubes should be OK as a replacement. Still I would feel better if I could check the bias....I need to replace all 8 tubes (or 4 in the channel) if one dies? even though there are 8 trimpots? Come on!

Don't get me wrong, Other than some hassles, this is a super killer amp, the steal of the century. I cannot afford a Mac 2102, or a big CJ; and if I could afford one I would buy one, believe me. But this is pretty darn close (and switchable from triode to ultralinear to boot! For one fifth the price!) It's Probably best for advanced tube people with some electrical know how, or a good repair shop nearby, though, since you are REALLY on your own safety wise. To be fair, Mine has worked perfectly for three months now, and is DEAD silent, I suppose due to the dual choke regulated power supply and killer build quality. Thanks MingDa