Question re: Creek 5350SE

Hi. I see that this integrated amp is A rated by Stereophile. I was wondering how it compares sonically to a high quality amp and preamp combination (ie, McCormack DNA 0.5/1/125, and Audible Illusions Modulus 3A). I was thinking in terms of detail, as well as that elusive quality of musicality (emotional involvement). Thanks very much for your opinions. Ken
Having used a 5350SE, I can say its sonics are excellent. Also, having used a M3A with a McCormack .5 Deluxe and can say that the Creek has a little more smoothness in absolute terms. It is not the M3A's fault but the McCormack is just not quite as refined. On the other hand, the Creek will not match the AI and McCormack duo for speed and bass ability. The McCormack also sounds more powerful. In my opinion, you will connect better with the music using the duo. The duo is more dynamic, breathing more life into the music.
It would also depend somewhat on the speakers you use but I really think the statements above would hold true. The AI and McCormack is a synergy that is hard to beat for the money.
I have the Creek and have been very pleased with it. While being a very smooth, neutral amp (w/very good detail), I agree with Bigtee, the Creek is on the laid back side.