Question re Cary 300 SSE amplifier

I'm new to the use of vacuum tube amps and have a question. Im currently using the Cary Rocket 88R with which I'm very happy but I'm also interested in trying SE or OTL amplification. I'm aware of the Cary 300 SE monoblocks through various reviews and am impressed with reports and explanations regarding the Atmasphere S-30 OTL. The S-30 may be a little outside my range right now but a friend just came into a Cary amp that he described as a 300 SSE. I've been unable to find any literature using that model designation but he described it as a limited edition model which is, essentially, two 300 SE monoblocks combined into one chassis but with an upgrade in power.

FYI, the speakers that I currently use and intend to keep have an efficiency rating of between 86 - 92dB, depending on the reference source, and an impedance of 8 ohms and I'm using a Peachtree Audio Nova as the preamp. The pre out of this unit has at least double the input voltage requirement of the Cary.

Does anyone know where I can find specs on this amp and what modifications were made to increase the power, and to what level. I've promised myself that I will never buy another major component without first auditioning it in my home.
Here is the manual
Thanks, Brf. I can't tell you how long I looked just to determine that this amp actually exists. This'll be a big help.