Question on Wilson WP 6 - 7

I got some WP6s used and don't know if i got all the parts to mount the watts ontop the puppies.

there' 3 spikes per Watt: 2 up front, 1 in rear. the 1 in the rear is obviously the time delay spike (spikes #1-4), but what is used on the front 2? i was provided two #1 spikes for the front of each Watt. is the #1 the right spike to use at the front of the Watt, or is there something else?

I am pretty certain that you have the correct spikes

It would be easy however to call Wilson Audio tomorrow and speak to Trent, Jerron or John and ask them.

telephone: (801) 377-2233
The 2 spikes in the front of the watt are about a inch long and slide down the "rails" in the top of the Puppy.

I'm not exactly sure if they are called #1 or not. The inch I'm referring to is what protrudes after screwed into the watt...

These things are very exacting. I can move the watt about 1/4" on top of the puppy and change the imaging...