Question on the Purist Audio Limited Edition P/C's

.....I first added one of these power cords to my amp and yes there was a noticeable positive sonic difference. I just added a second one to my pre-amp and that too made a positive sonic difference, however, not as much as when I added one to the amp. So, my question is, is there a diminishing return when you add more of these very expensive power cords to your system ???? I still have a dac and transport and was wondering whether it would be sonically worth it to get two more and round out the whole system with them ??? I would appreciate answers from Audiogon members who own and have these cables in their system. Thanks ..........
What power cords are you "upgrading" from? And why did you decide to start at the amp and then next to the preamp? My experience with power cords is that the digital components and phono/line stages react far more to power cords than do amps.

The logical thing to do would be to try a single new cord in the system, at each of the 4 places and leave the other 3 original in the system. You do not need to live with this change for days or weeks. The change should be noticeable instantly. Following this experiment 4 times, you will have an idea as to what components in the system react the most to the cord change. Then you can decide what is the additive benefit of 2 or 3 or 4 of these new cords.
Different components and ones of different brands react differently to an aftermarket powercord.
i disagree with the previous post and say yeah the amp is the #1 place to start with a cord.
Other than that, i would chalk it up to your preamp did not need the better cord as much as the amp did. It is the combination oof cord and powersupply i nthe electronics that makes the changes. Some more, some less.
i would not generalize about the changes lessening.
If i were you, i would go ahead a try the cords on other items in your system. See if some electronics benefit more than others do.
I use a pile of cheap Pangea powercords and have three different powerline conditioners and have swapped cords between the 9 and 14SE cords, and around the varous conditioners to find the best sound.
Some items do better one way or another.
Thank you for your entire system is Purist Audio 20th Anniversary cables. So, the cables I am '' repalcing '' are PAD's 20 Anniversary's.....I have always started with the pieces that have the bigger(est) power supplies with any changes in power cords. I was hoping to hear from members who have or who are using this paricular power cords in their system.
Hi garebear,

Until recently I was using 2 of the Purist LE power cords - one on my preamp and one on my phono stage. I also used mainly Purist Audio Anniversary cabling (power cords and IC's) except on my amps and for speaker cables. I have tried both the regular Purist Anniversary PC and the Purist LE power cords on my amps but I never really liked how they sounded on my amps. If you like what what you hear with the Purist LE cord on your amp and preamp and if you need the power line filtering that the LE provides that it would make sense to put LE's on your transport and Dac. If you don't need the filtering - then I would just go with the regular Purist Anniversary PC - tonally I found these to be very much the same.
I use it to GREAT success on my amp but find it can "hide" information on some source components, although it does give a very black background.
System dependent in my experience.
Generally speaking I favor sticking with one brand/model on every component. Though with Purist Audio Design, you can sometimes get the absolute best performance by using different models within the Purist Line. As a for instance, you may want Venustas on speaker cables feeding low sensitivity speakers as they are a heavy gage and will allow lots of current without issue. The Corvus line is quite neutral and one may use it as an interconnect between source, Pre and amplifier along with Venustas for speakers and find phenomenal results.

Purist Audio Design Dealer Disclaimer :-)