Question on Streamer/Dac and Roon

I'm fairly new to digital and am building a system that's both MQA capable and Roon ready. I currently use a 2014 Mac Mini as roon server + streamer connected by USB to the Mytek Brooklyn Dac+, which then feeds balanced into a Mac pre and amp. I keep reading the mac mini is noisy as a streamer and hence the post. If I were to re-engineer a bit there are a couple of choices I can make, assuming my original goals of MQA and Roon remain. 

Should I:
1. Get a Lumin U1 mini, which can act as a Roon endpoint, and feed into the Mytek DAC (ESS 9028)
2. Combine the streamer and Dac functionality into the Lumin T2. I'm not sure if this is indeed a step up since the T2 also has the same ESS 9028 chipset as the Mytek. 
3. Keep the current setup and be done. 

I use the mac mini as the roon server, and that comes to my last question. If I get either of the Lumins, they would be the roon endpoint. I will still need the mac mini or a NUC to act as the roon server. I'm not able to comprehend the point of a streamer other than acting as an endpoint for Roon, sort of like a catcher to what Roon throws at it. If Roon is going to be the front end, does the Lumin really provide me with a benefit? I like the Roon software and being a lifetime member unlikely to switch over to the Lumin app. And I do not have Lumin dealers nearby to audition them. 

And some footnotes. I dont want to spend too much, the Lumin U1 mini or T2 is the max I would like to go, if I can justify their point of existence within my system. Also, not a Nucleus fan if a NUC can do the job for cheaper, and so can the mac mini. 

What would you do and why?

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Thanks all for your inputs. Anybody has experience comparing the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ vs the DAC in the T2? 
+1 on the SGC Sonic Transport. I moved off a Mac Mini to that and have been purdy happy.   I am a believer now in getting the Roon Core onto a dedicated music server device.

You could do this combo for fairly cost effective Roon server,endpoint.
Notice how most that moved away from MacMini or similar are happier and that those suggesting sticking with it, haven't tried the more effective alternative?
Running Roon core in a separate room on a Nuc(cheap!), Sonictransporter(medium cost, but play and play) or Nucleus(higher cost) with a renderer/endpoint in the listening room is the solid approach. 
With renderer network player is a topic well covered in many threads. Agree that a good LPS on the renderer is a key factor in getting high sound quality. 
FWIW, I went from MacMini to Sonore microRendu w/LPS to Sonore opticalRendu w/LPS as Roon endpoint and run Roon Core on a SGC Sonictransporter i5 in the other room. Library is on a Synology NAS. Details on my system page.

Straighten out your issue before worrying about DAC upgrade. Hell, in another couple of months, something newer, better, cheaper will always be coming...