Question on shipping speakers without boxes.

Has anyone had experience shipping speakers without their original boxes? Would you recommend it? How did you protect the delicate driver elements and grills?
You can go to U-haul store and find boxes! If large, you can use those boxes for hanging suits and dresess. You can wrapp them in bubble wrap (big, not the envelope size), bit make sure that you have enough of thick styro-foam for the bottom/top, and corners. Also Tuesday Morning stores and Music stores, have pretty nice sized boxes. It pays to visit their trash-bins. Good Luck!
Unless you are using a moving company, DO NOT send without boxes!
Once you get some good solid replacement boxes from Uhaul, go to home depot an get some sheets of foam insulation. Cut them to fill the interstace between the speaker and the inner box wall. It will be professionally packed!
Wrap the speakers several times with Saran Wrap or another thick cling wrap to protect the drivers. This will also protect the wood. Then pack then pack them in a box with styrofoam as stated above. Don't use UPS.

bring them to ups office and let them do the job.
The local ups store(which used to be mail boxes) is as good as the local manager. If she/he has read all the manuals and has good workers,they will make boxes-for a price. They will cradle everything in styrofoam, wrap everything against mositure,and enclose it so it will take rough treatment without the contents being damaged.
Thanks all for the responses. My original message was a little misleading. I'm thinking of buying speakers where the seller does not have the original boxes. What happens if the speakers are damaged and the seller feels they did an adequate job with the boxing? The shipping company will not insure against bad packaging. Has anyone had good/bad experiences with buying speakers this way? Thanks again.
In this case I'd rather hit the road to pick them up.
If you search the archives you will find numerous sad tales of items improperly packed that arrived damaged. The shipper will not pay a claim if the item was poorly packed. They will even check the burst rating on the box. If you pay to have UPS store pack and insure, then they will cover damages, but it will be EXPENSIVE. Factor that into what you will pay. Also, review feedback of seller and speak to him/her to get an idea of their integrity.