question on shipping a cd player from overseas??

Just checking as I purchased a cd player here on agon from a seller in Portugal- Seller said he could not ship me the player as in portugal you need a Commercial invoice to ship and since he is a private individual there was no way of shipping to the USA??? so he refunded my money- Just checking to see if this makes sense to everyone or is it buyers remorse- thanks
It's possible I guess. It's pretty hard for me to get things to Russia. Crazy weight restrictions. Something small like a dac I can get there. Some counties have some crazy laws. I would have expected him to know that before hand though.
Commonly, you do need an invoice to ship cargo, but it doesn't need to be commercial. He could write his own invoice.
Looks like you will not need that 220V line now :-)

All international shipments require a commercial invoice when you ship form her FedEx or UPS have them online Commercial Invoice this should work when shipping form Europe too. Pretty straight forward.

Best of Luck

He's full of baloney. He probably already sold the player to another buyer at a higher price and did not want you to know. Buying from Europe is routine and FedEx International Air is a good choice but it will cost you but its worth it to avoid damage rather than shipping ground via boat.
that is what I thought but he e/m me again and promised me that is the reason??/- truly I have never heard of this before and have bought stereo equipment all over the world=nothing I can do now i guess I have to take his word- He still has the boulder 1021 for sale here so maybe it is the truth- but I am really bummed-
Fluffers..Heres your solution to buy the Boulder 1021 in Portugal. You as the buyer must fill out an FCC #740 form which you can obtain from FedEx by calling FedEx International. They will mail it to you. Mail it to the seller in Portugal and keep record of the form. Once the buyer receives the form, he takes it and the CD player in carton with the weight and dimensions to his FedEx station and has to fill out three forms in person, a FedEx Air bill, a FedEx international Airway bill, and a commercial bill. He gives FedEx all four forms and your CD player is put on the plane and on its way lickity split!! can also download the FCC 740 form in PDF from the FedEx International website.
thanks so much I will forward this info to the seller and see if it can help- otherwise it is time to move on to find some other piece of equipment which is easier to deal with- thnaks again for all your help!!
Correction...once the "seller receives the 740 form"...