Question on setting up mono block

Hi Augoners,
I am trying to hook up the Kr audio mono blocks to the pre-amp using RCA.on the back of the amp there 2 RCA output 1 of them said 0.5V and the other said 1V.i am not sure which one to use.please help..thanks
If it gives enough gain, I'd use the one with the lower input sensitivity (1V)as it may bypass an active gain device. On the other hand, if you need the extra gain to achieve realistic playback levels then by all means use the 0.5V input.
Kind of confusing here. You say that the RCA's are on the back of the amps ( which would make them "inputs" ) yet you call them "outputs". This could lead some to believe that you were referring to the preamplifier outputs, which .5 V and even 1 V would be quite low. As such, i'm guessing that you were referring to the inputs on the power amp.

If that is the case, the .5V inputs will probably offer the most transparency but make the volume control VERY touchy. Turning the volume up on the preamp just a hair might jump the volume up several notches. Going to the 1 V input would probably put a resistor in series with the signal. This would make gain settings a little less sensitive in terms of having more range on the preamp's volume control but possibly alter sonics a bit. Depending on how they padded the signal and the output impedance of your preamp, either setting could work better than the other.

You might want to try using the .5 input while paying extreme attention to your volume settings on the preamp. If it is too touchy, move over to the 1.0 V input as that should bring things back to normal. No guarantee's as to which will sound better. Sean
Simple solution......try both, you cannot hurt the amp. Pick the input that suits your preference.
0.5V input you need if you have a passive preamplifier otherwise i would recommend to use 1V.
Sean is probably right about there being a resistor in series with the 1V input. And his advice seems very good. I'd take it. :)