Question on Salamander Synergy system

I am considering the purchase of this system because it is the only one my wife seems to like the look of. Does it assist the sound quality?

Any recommendations for other systems in wood?

My wife thinks they are all ugly - looks like junk from a dorm room. Says most are clumsy looking at best.
I have the Synergy in Maple. I wouldn't say it does much to help the sound quality. It's solid enough, but not in any amazing way. I'm using it on carpet which is over concrete in my basement, so I just have the flat stabilizor feet on it. For a wood floor or wood under carpet, the spikes would probably give you pretty good stability. I have about 100 Lbs. of stacked monoblocks on the bottom shelf which keeps things from moving around too much.
I bought a "Single 40" cabinet recently. I don't think it "assists the sound quality" in any way. A couple of things to mention about this cabinet. The perforated side panels are not a tight fit in the channels, and rattled if I tapped on the cabinet. I disassembled everything and used some thick rubber electrical tape to create a tighter fit. I also used "Blu Tack" to islotate the shelves from the brackets. With these things done, I'm happy with the cabinet. Sonically, there are certainly better choices, but they are much more expensive.

I also have an S40 rack. For me it was an improvement, but that may be due to it's having been on a very unstable shelf unit before I purchased the S40. Stereophile once said in their review that the top shelf imparts a "slight veil" to the music. As a result, they preferred the S30. I suspect they are right, but it does look very nice--like a nice piece of furniture.

I have the cherry unit with cherry side panels. I left the back of it off for ventilation. FWIW, the side panels fit very well and do not rattle at all.

I think Jdombrow is right: to find something that looks as nice and sounds significantly better, you will likely have to spend quite a bit more $$.
I use a Salamander 30/20 combo, and I agree with what JD said about not assisting with sound quality (i.e. not built with isolation in mind), and the rattling perforated panels (which can be adjusted with tape as JD suggested).

I do like the perforated panels because they allow for air circulation while still "hiding" the gear. I looked at all the Salamnder finishes, and I decided black was best for my purposes. The wood finishes, while pretty good, still look a little cheesy, IMO.

I love the infinitely adjustable shelves. Being able to adjust the shelves has allowed me to reconfigure my set-up at least a half a dozen times.

I love the heavy duty Saturn wheels. I move my cabinet all the time, and the heavy duty wheels are lifesavers.

Also, if you are interested in improving isolation, you might be interested in adding Neuance shelves by Greater Ranges. Ken Lyon makes the shelves to custom sizes, and I use one for my digital source. Ken built it to fit like it was made at the factory for the Salamander cabinet.
Get decent gear and you won't have to worry about shelves' "assistance" in sound. I agree with jdombro: the side panels are useless, but @ Tvad: there's no reason to hide my gear at all at all!!
Do upholster the brakets holding the shelves and you have - I agree perfectly with your wife - one of the best looking cabinet system on the market.
agree with above as i have 2. i have 3 neaunce platforms
on my twin 30 for my sacd player, tubed pre-amp and
tubed phono pre and these are worlds better than the stock
I have no reason to hide my gear other than my preference to do so. As another member recently remarked, "You have a stealth system". One doesn't know it's there until I point it out, and it makes me different than most audiophiles I know. The Salamander cabinet with perforated sides makes it possible to keep air circulating while keeping the gear from being obtrusive. I would think many wives might appreciate this, as well as other folks like me who prefer to keep the gear subdued in the overall design scheme of the room.
I have 2 salamander Synergy cabinets they offer great spousal acceptance, but do not help with audio stability( foot falls with turntable). I suggest you look at Adona racks,they have much better stability.
BTW, just another reason to hide (and lock) your gear: 2.5 year olds!!! Gotta agree the the WAF is high. I am one after all. But as much as we have taught our daughter to stay away, the TiVo access card has gone missing and she's becoming convinces she knows how to use our $2k DVD player all by herself.