Question on Proceed PAV/3Channel Power Amp/DAP

I bought a Proceed PAV,3 CH power amp, and DAP at an estate sale and I'm trying to ID the PAV. I did not get the PDSD that goes with the PAV. I read in the manual that to use the PAV by itself you must install a different EPROM. I tried hooking up the PAV to the power amp but got nothing. I tested the power amp with a Carver preamp and it is working OK.

I took some pics of what look like EPROMS in the PAV, and would like to know if I have a PAV that requires the PDSD or one that does not. One EPROM says PAV E.2 770236 30BB26. The other says PAV/DSD 770122 4AE0. I'm really not sure if these are the correct EPROMS. I can send the actual pics if someone would like to see them. I would need a private email address.

The PAV E.2 770236 should be an older version of the standalone software. current model says 770255 (part number 350-770255) and is version E.4 What does your unit front panel say when you start it up? Current versions will display "E4" for standalone firmware and "E646" for PDSD firmware.