Question on how to integrate a sub

I just picked up a pair of B+W 805s for a second system. I have a paradigm servo sub and a bryston bp25 preamp.The bryston has 1 set of balanced out but also has 2 sets of rca outs.
How do I go about setting this up?
You have the basis for a very nice system. You'll want to high-pass the 805s, so talk to your Paradigm dealer (or call Paradigm directly) about their X-30 subwoofer controller (active crossover). Once you've acquired an X-30 or an NHT X2 filter, you run interconnects from the BP25 to the external crossover and then run interconnects from the crossover to both the amp and the subwoofer. This removes the bass load from both the main amp and speakers yielding a reduction in distortion in both.
Thanks Bob, much appreciated.
In my system, Hooking up the sub using the speaker-level inputs made integration easier and more effective. I think you will find others who have had the same. The sub just seems to blend in. Of course, your sub must support speaker-level inputs.
Jerry is right that you can also connect a sub using speaker level connections. This approach runs the main speakers full range and with true full range speakers it's a viable option. You can also use line level signals to the sub and still run the main speakers full range. The fact is that most stand mount speakers and many floor standing speakers are not full range. Those speakers (the woofers) will produce increasing amounts of distortion as the frequency decreases or the level increases. It makes more sense to me to hand off the bass chores to a speaker that was specifically designed to handle bass and allow the main speakers to produce clean sound.
I was wondering, could if I use one set a balanced out to my bryston amp, could I then use a y connector on the rca out and into the sub? Would this adversely affect transient response or anything else?
I tried to find a paradigm x-30 and so far no luck.I don't think they make them anymore.
When I tried using both my balanced (to amp) and unbalanced (to sub) on my EMM Labs DCC2, it created problems with overall transparency and dynamics - but this could just be specific to the DCC2.

I agree with the others that you will likely get better integration by using the speaker level inputs if available. The sub will take on the bass characteristics of your amp and blend more naturally with the mains, IMHO.
Bud, the X-30 is still listed in the Paradigm catalog and is still referenced in the Servo-15 manual. I think the NHT X2 is a better product since you can use balanced lines to the sub.

If you want to run your speaker full range then there should be no problem running balanced lines to your amp and unbalanced to your sub. Though I don't know how you'll derive a summed mono signal for the sub input.

Just to be clear, there's absolutely no reason that speaker level connections lead to better sub integration. And the notion of the sub taking on the character of the amp is without basis. In a properly level matched sat/sub system you won't hear the sub. It's only when you turn it off will you miss its contribution.
I just ordered an nht x2.
Thanks for the input guys