Question on Emm labs Dac6 vs Dac6e

I am considering to purchase a pre-owned Meitner separate, very much confused for the models, especially some has Dac6, some Dac6e, I know the latest are DAC 6e SE, can anyone tell me what is difference between Dac6 and 6e, is it significant as 6e to 6eSE?
between the dac6 and dac6e, i believe the original version used aes/ebu connections for all channels while the 6e included rca connections with the aes/ebu. i think the original version also had a small fan in it while the 6e did not. i'm not sure what changes were made from the 6e to 6e SE.
Kgturner is correct. The differences are the added RCA connections and one less fan. Some of them had rackmount ability and some did not. Sonically there is no difference.
I don't see a fan outlet at the back panel of the Dac6, is it just a small fan inside the unit like what we have on a computer cpu?
Unless your heart is set on EMM, you may also want to have a look at the new single box Playback Designs MPS-5. Fellow audiogoner DCSTEP, oneobgin, and mikelavigne have commented extensively on its sound qualitys. The latter 2 preferred it over their own EMM multi-box rigs and have replaced their EMM with brand new MPS-5s. . . . at a fraction of the cost of EMM rigs.
Here is a review by Mike Lavigne:

In mid September I will have the opportunity of comparing directly the MPS-5 with a TEAC P03/D03/G0s combo and a DCS Puccini stack. G.
Guidocorona - I too have heard great things about the MPS-5 and read Mike Lavigne's review. But I question your comment about the price of the MPS unit being a fraction of the EMM labs rigs. I think I recall seeing "used" EMM labs rigs selling for $6 to $8K vs. the MPS-5 which has an introductory price of approx. $10K, but soon to increase to $15K. Please set me straight if my assumptions are innaccurate.

Jonathan Tinn (Jtinn) can give you the latest on web site, pricing, and contact info.
Have any of you heard the Spectral CDP?

As Pdreher said which is true, my budget is around 5k for some used units, some older version of meitner separatets are around that here. I don't see any playback design in agon sale though, I don't think I can get such new release here pretty soon.

Hi Tabl10s,
What about spectral? How would that compare to meitner non-SE separates?
Oops, my apologies Grandetech! Even at intro prices you'd be blowing your budget with the PD. I have a TEAC X-01 Limited and positively love it. Some of the TEAC X-01 or X-01 Limited units that pop up on Agon from time to time may come within your budget. Like EMM, they sound magnificent after a LONG break in; X-01 are built like tanks and re very reliable; being single box units they do not require a miriad of extra PCs and ICs. Unfortunately I have never made an side-by-side comparison of my X-01 Limited with the EMM stack, so I do not even know myself which of the two I would prefer from a sonic/musical point of view.

Its okay, no apo'.
Actually X-01 limited is on my shopping list, if not with emm, did you compare with any other big boys out there?
I have compared side by side the X-01 (original) with Bermester 001 and Bel Canto PL1-A. See:
I have not had the opportunity of doing a/b tests of the original or the limited against any current multi-box offerings. However Audiogoner Babybear owned an X-01 Limited --; he has done the comparison with TEAC P03/D03; as a result is currently proud owner of a TEAC D-03/P03/G0s combo. Audiogoner Gshelley used to won TEAC P03/D03/G0s but prefers his current DCS Puccini-based stack, which includes external clock. I have heard both but have not compared them side by side; I suspect I may have a preference for the TEAC stack. Please note that the DCS stack as well as PD contain a TEAC
VRDS Neo transport mechanism similar to that found in Teac X-03. I believe EMM combos may contain a Philips drive. G.
the dcs puccini is a one box design. when you say "dcs stack", do you mean the paganini?
Yes Maxx2man, Paganini it is I suspect. Apologies for confusion. DCS Rig includes external clock if I recall correctly.
is it Teac VRDS Neo transport mechanism much superior than Philips or sony scd-1 in general consensus?
TEAC VRDS NEOs are all metal mechanisms ranging in weight between 8lbs and I suspect about 20lbs, depending on models. They are frightfully expensive to build. Even the lower end models -- which TEAC makes available to OEMs -- is sold for $2500. VRDS mechanisms are deemed to be extremely desirable by high end manufacturers when they can afford the price tag, because of their mechanical stability, precision of operation, general reliability. I know at least 3 companies that use them in some of their players: DCS, WADIA, Playback Designs, but there may be more. when a player features a VRDS transport, the fact is usually highlighted as a major selling point. To EMM's credit, if I recall correctly, TEAC did not yet sell its VRDS transports to OEMs when EMM was designing its player. You will find a lot of information on VRDS mechanisms by reading the TEAC America pages on players like the X-01, P03, P01. The OEM transport may be similar to that in the X-03. I believe the Philips OEM transports may be much less expensive and simple devices. Their use in players is almost by default.
I am considering to buy an used EMM LABS, the pre-owned price for a pair of older separate and a CDSA SE is around the same price, may I know if cdsa se single box will win on the cdse+dac6e separate?
as a side tangent, how does the dac6e compare to the dcc2 in regard to the dac only. i have a tube preamp so i will not utilitze the preamp functions of the dcc2.

i emailed emm and was told that the dac6e only upsamples to dsd from a non-emm transport while the dcc2 upsamples to double dsd from a non-emm transport.