question on EAD 8800 Pro ?

I am considering buying a ead 8800 pro, I have been told that setting it up is very hard and complicated, looking for advise from ead owners on this, also comments on its performance, I am a little wary as I heard ead is now out of buisness, thanks
I have an EAD signature and it is a piece of cake to setup, that's why I bought it new years ago.. just use the remote and set the speaker size, and whether to roll off the bass or not, set the sub HZ, attach the microphone and sit back (less than 2 minutes) while it configures the volumn, delays, and polarity automatically. Save the setting and enjoy!

EAD has gone through these steps once before financially just like Wadia. But EAD is one of the few warm sounding processors.
I had one for short time for an in home comparison. I wouldnt say it was difficult to setup at all. In fact I found it rather easy. The lack of controls on the face of the unit mandate that you have the remote at all times.

Ultimately I chose a different brand, but the EAD is a fine Pre/Pro. It has excellent sonics and is one of the top Pre/Pros, in my opinion. I agree with Cyto it is fairly warm sounding.

I would imagine with EAD now being defunct, these could be had for a really good deal.
Yes. Keep in mind that EAD is now gone as a company. Boelen Electronics can service these units (and pretty much all of the older EAD gear). Frank Boelen and his team are ex-EAD people.