Question on connecting JC-1 to Speakers

Just wondering if any JC-1 owners have experimented with connecting a single binding post from the JC-1, via biwire, to their speakers (versus) using both binding posts on the JC-1's and using 2 complete seperate runs of speaker cable to their speakers? Has anyone found one method better then the other (Crump..your input would certainly be appreciated a well!!!!)? For your reference, I am connecting my JC-1's to VR4 Gen III SE's which require either biwire or jumpers (I currently use bi-wire). Thank you for your help.

the "Perfectionist" agon system runs his JC-1's bi-wired. Unless their is a crossover in the bottom that provides a benifit from jumpering up, I would recommend running two runs from the amps to the speakers, this will provide the best electrical.
Absolutely run a "true" biwire (double biwire). Single biwire (one cable with more connectors on speaker end than amp end) splits the conductors in the cable yielding lesser sound quality than even perhaps a full range pair would with jumpers.
Thanks guys...when I have some funds I will give double biwireing a try.