Question on Connecting a MC Cartridge to AQ PT-6

Hello - Would appreciate information regarding connecting a MC cartridge to AQ PT-6 arm. Do I just match the color coded prongs on the cartridge to the exact opposites on the tonearm end (which as no color coding)? Nothing in the manual online about this and my speakers seem out-of-phase.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

The tonearm should also have colored wires coming out from it? You match the color of the wire to the color of the cartridge pin. If your tonearm doesn't have colored wires, you will need to find a picture that shows what color goes where on the tonearm.
You could also use a VOM, (volt-ohm meter) to check which wire corresponds to the interconnect end.
I looked at my PT9 arm and the wiring is as follows, looking straight into the tonearm from the front:

Top Left is White
Top Right is Red
Bottom Left is Blue
Bottom Right is Green

I don't think they changed the pinout from the PT6/7/8 to the PT9 series.
Thanks Mofimadness. If the pins don't match up to your PT9 I will borrow a VOM to make certain its correct.