Question on changing out head-shell leads..

I have a Pro-Ject Debut !!! with an Ortofon 2M red. I want to change out the leads, but not sure if this is something I should attempt or have a professional do? I have the Sumiko leads, but haven't found anything on the net that describes the best way to change.

Any advice is thanked in advance!
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If they have captive leads leave it to the professionals; if there are 4 pins with short wires with clips on each end then it is fairly easy if you are careful. It is quite easy to break off the clips and they will have to be soldered back on. I always use needle nose pliers to change them, smaller ones with thin jaws. You should be able to get some at Radio Shack or a hobby store. Grasp the back part of the CLIP with the pliers from the side and pull gently but firmly backwards till it comes off. DO NOT pull on the wire itself. Be sure and grasp the clip just behind the section that fits over the pins. To put them on reverse the procedure. If they fit loosely then VERY GENTLY squeeze them with the pliers [ while they are NOT on the pins]. Too tight and you have to run something down then to widen the opening. Actually much harder to describe than to do.