question on c-j amps

I need help on a question on c-j amps. the c-j preamp inverts signal ? so does the amp re-invert? if it does, what happens if a non inverting ss preamp is fed to a c-j amp?Thanks for the advice!!!
CJ preamps are phase inverting, but their amps are not. The solution is to simply reverse the polarity of the speaker connections to both speakers to account for this (- to +, + to -). If you switch to using a non inverting preamp, then the speaker connections should be returned to normal polarity. Getting this wrong won't harm anything, but the sound quality will definitely suffer.
Read the manual because not all CJ preamps are phase inverted (most are). Kig is correct on the fix.

I have a MC phono stage that is phase inverted. I have to reverse the +\- tonearm wires going to the cartridge.