Question on Benz Trade-Ins

Hello All,
What is the "real deal" about trading in a Benz (Dead, or not) for another? One person over on a-karma claims that if you are not the original owner of the trade-in Benz Cartridge (Lets say a Glider), a Benz Dealer will not give you full trade-in value towards another Benz? Is this true?

Seems everybody selling a dead Benz here on agon claims trade-in value with thier dead Cartridge. What's the real scoop? Mark
You can purchase new Benz carts at prices lower than those offered in the "trade-in" program. Do some homework and ask questions.
Yes, I understand this TVAD, I actually paid less than what the "commonly listed" trade-in program allowed, and this was from the Benz dealer in which I bought my previous Benz from. (So it was all legit)

I was the original owner of the trade-in cartridge, so this still leaves me unsure what the scoop is if I were to buy a used, dead Cartrdge from let's say an agon seller who was perhaps the original owner?

Also, I'm not referring to buying from online agon sellers, who may not actually be a recognized Benz Dealer, or from overseas. In these particular circumstances, one might get a swell deal, but in this scenario, I'm not so sure one has any warrantee to speak of? Mark
I know a dealer that will take any cart from Benz or Clear Audio but that may be a benefit to his loyal customers and not really the normal practice or it could be just up to the dealer to decide what he wants and doesnt want to do.
Certainly no warranty from Audiogonn sellers offering used carts. No idea of overseas sellers of new carts.

How much value is there in a warranty on a new cartridge? Not many moving parts that can fail. Of course, then answer to that question varies from buyer to buyer.
TVAD/All, I think we all understand what you say, that of course nobody would have a warrantee buying a used Cartridge of any brand secondhand, but there are many Benz, and other Cartridge makes that do pop up on the Gon for excellent prices, and here again too most likely, no warrantee exists.

Of what takes place, I think is what the Benz US Distributor, Musical Surroundings, and Benz Micro-Switzerland agree upon with thier Dealer Network, both here in the US, and abroad.

I'm only trying to gather true knowledge of the fact, that if I were to hypotethically "buy" a dead Benz Glider from an Agon Seller, will it be worth at least the Dealer advertised trade-in amount, (Lets say worth $1400 towards a brand new Ruby 3 Cartridge, like my previous dead Glider was) or will I find after hypothetically paying a seller $200 for a dead Benz Glider, will it now only actually be worth $100 in trade-in value?

Hope this better explains what I'm asking?

Perhaps the best source for an accurate answer, would be to call a Benz Dealer, and get the scoop straight from the horse's mouth so to speak? Thanks again all, Mark
If you buy a have (buy, own, egtc) a benz cartridge, it can be traded up or retipped as per the Benz website...a dealer will usually be abe to give even a better deal
Here's an update, and this was info from an authorized Benz Dealer (MusicDirect) that I got today.

Doesn't matter where the Benz trade-in comes from, whether it's dead or alive, or who previously owned it, original owner, or not, it has the same value on trade-in towards any Benz Cartridge.

It was mentioned that this of course has to be an authentic Benz Cartridge that's traded-in, but very doubtful there's counterfeits floating around. Mark
I am on my second Benz L2. Actually third, if you count the one I foolishly sold to buy a Shelter. I liked it so much that I traded my last one + 500.00 in to Elusive Disc for a brand new one. Hey, I don't mind spending 500.00 for a new 1300.00 cartridge every few years.

Oz, which Shelter did you use? I have a Benz M2. It was recommended by the dealer when I bought my Michell Orbe SE & SME V. I later bought a Shelter 901. Liked it a lot better. When my son was born three years ago, I sold the 901 because I just wasn't listening to LPs that much. And I thought that I would buy a 90X when I travel to Asia. Well, the trip never materialized, and I ended up buying another 901. After I switched it back, again I thought the 901 sounded better than the M2.

The Benz trade in program was very good to me. It allowed me to move up the chain from a Glider to eventually an L2. However, I sold that L2 as part of a complete analog package and when I bought my new set-up went to a Dynavector. I haven't looked back.