Question on a Levinson 27.5 amp

I am wondering what is going to shorten the life expectancy of my Mark Levinson 27.5 more, turning it on/off several times per week, or just leaving it on? The benefit of the latter is of course, no warm up time, but if I do that will the amp start having problems a few years from now??

I think you will be just fine.

I have one also.

I have a Levinson ML-3 amp in a second system. This is more ancient than your 27.5. I listen to this system about once a month. The ML-3 just goes and goes. I wouldn't worry, just enjoy.


Paul :-)
I have a 23.5 (very similar to your 27.5) for 16 years now. For years, I turned it on and off at the beginning and end of each listening session -- this because it was part of a bi-amped system with a pair of tube monoblocks. So when the tube amps were powered down, I just turned off the Levinson too.

For the last couple of years, I've been using the 23.5 only. I turn it on every morning, and off every night, and the rest of the system stays on. During monsoon season (just ended, with lotsa lightening!) when a thunderstorm is approaching, I turn off both power conditioners and the whole system is shut down.

In all that time (knock wood!) I've never had a problem due to power surges or lightening strikes. And the 23.5 ? Sounds as beautiful as the day I bought it. As a side note, according to the watt meter on my power conditioner, it takes about 5 minutes after turn on for the Levinson amp to settle down to a constant idle current.
The 27.5 was the first of three Levinson amps. That I own and I never turn any of then off, except for when I upgraded to the 23.5 then the 432. Enjoy. 
My Class A amp's power switch is on the back panel, with a standby switch on the front. Made c.1993 and still as sweet as it ever was. The Lev's build quality is surely comparable to my Bel Canto.

What does the maker suggest?
I really couldn't get a straight answer from them, although it was via email, so maybe I didn't communicate it very well. I guess I would prefer to keep it in 24/7 since I feel it takes about an hour of warmup time for it to achieve the large 3D soundstage that I have enjoy. As long as I am not shortening the life span. Then it is not worth it. Thanks for your replies.
Another happy owner of a 27.5 here.Mine was bought from new and still has low hours.I enjoy mine on weekends and of course I turn on before listening session and off once I am finished.Never had a problem yet,knock on wood.Great amp,actually I am looking for another one in the used market with plans to bi-amp with my existing one and use my Rogue M150 on the mid's and high's .
Beemer with all the respect your ML-3 is way older than the 27.5,is it not?
Tripper I would't call the LEGENDARY Mark Levinson comparable to Bel Canto,then again I never actually seen a Bel Canto in real life.Hard to imagine though.
Enjoy your systems all.
I feel obliged to reply...

Few months ago I was running 26 & 27 (not 27.5); not anymore...

I used to turn the 27 on and off, but in the end just left it on all the time. One day I came back from work, one channel was blown.

No sound. Just a dead hiss.

I bought mine from an authorized dealer almost 15 years ago before I moved here, and whilst the dealer in Sydney is happy to look at it, that's 1000km from where I live.

"Just as a general principle we recommend that preamps be left on and power amps turned on when needed but the choice is yours. We don’t have a service agent in Melbourne for Mark Levinson all Under Warranty service is done in Sydney where we have a very experienced ML technician. You could however have a chat with Barry Clarke of Sound Electronics on 03 9725 8992 who can have a look at the problem for you.

Best regards,

Phillip Powell"

Now it's sitting in my store room. The sound was smooht and sweet, and one day I'd probably lug it somewhere to get it fixed.

But no, I wouldn't leave it on all the time. It's one hour of warm up time. Like you see above, if something goes wrong, you are really to blame...
Kowkow, please forgive me if you already did this, but did you check the fuse on the "dead" channel?
No worries mate, first thing I checked indeed.
Would be reasonable isn't it to have blown a fuse.
But sadly, not so easy. :(

Not sure on the cost for #27, but Harman (Industries?) who owns the Levinson brand quoted me $1200 USD flat rate to fix/refurbish my #23.

There is nothing wrong with my #23 that I know of, but I contacted them about getting a factory check-up/tune up and that is what they said for price. The price includes all parts/adjustments to bring the amp back to completely like new performance. I thought it was a little steep just for a tune-up/check-up since mine seems to be working fine.
Whoaru99, if your amp is "working OK" but you just want to see if it's performance is "up to snuff", just take it to any local audio technician and have him put it on his signal generator and he'll check the output on his ocilloscope. He can tell you many things from this simple test. And that's probably what Levinson would do anyway, at least to start with.
anyone know how to convert to 220 volt?
Ading, I have a Madrigal schematic for a 23/23.5 voltage change. I don;t know if it would apply to your 27.5. It's pretty simple though -- a few jumper changes to the input board. So if your board is identical, it probably works the same way. Or you can just email Madrigal and (maybe! ;-) they'll send you a PDF file for the 27.5.

In any case, if you'll send me your email address, I'll send you what I have.