Question : ML2 + VA PARSIFAL as Temporary Solution


While I know ML2s are not an ideal match for Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speakers (89db efficiency factor), could the ML2s work as a temporary solution while saving up for some high sensitivity speakers? As saving up may take a while, I would like to know if during this period I could expect somewhat satisfactory results with the ML2 + VA Parsifal Encore combo... 75 to 80 db is plenty for my room.

I am being forced to decide quickly, as the potential buyer of a preamp I'm selling has upon hearing the system offered to buy both the pre and power amps, which are Lamm M1.1 hybrids (100 watts each). If I sell the lot, I will move toward Lamm SETs and, as stated above, once financially able, replace the VA Parsifals with a good pair of high sensitivity speakers.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The ML2's are far stronger than you expect and the Parsifals are a more benign load than their specs indicate. The Kharma 3.2's have around the same measurements and are a classic combination with ML2 although not the ultimate in openness, drive and body. I doubt that you'd be lacking much and may even stop there for a while. Tough slog, someones gotta do it...
Thanks Owl, that's really good news.