Question: Is CDR recording the same as the SACD

I have downloaded most of my CD's to an external hardrive to be played back through my Squeezebox Touch. But, when it came to my SACD's only the CD layer could be used.

So, I started recording the SACD analog outputs from my Cary 306 Pro to my Tascam CD Recorder. I used some high quality CDR blanks.

Now, when I played those CDR's back with the Cary they sound so very close to the original SACD layer.

Then I loaded these CDR recordings into my computer/hardrive.

Question: Is my CDR recording the same as the SACD?
I mean, it is from the same analog output.
No, your copy is a lower resolution format then the original. You re-sampled the analog recording with your Tascam A to D.

You could also compare the commercial CD layer with your Tascam recording. They are recorded with the same resolution but they should also differ in small subtle ways because you re-sampled the music with the A to D converter. It is not a digital copy.

The fact that they sound very similar is very much like the experience of comparing an Mp3 file at 320 to one encoded at 256. YMMV.

Sadly, the majority of the public can't tell the difference between these flavors and opted for the lower res versions when disk space was expensive or bandwidth limited..... sigh.....
Tcatman, Thank you for your resonse. I agree that my CDR copy is not a 24/96 copy.
But, the signal that my Preamp/Amp gets from the CD/Sacd player is the same signal that my Tascam CDR Recorder gets.
I was hoping for more interest in this topic.
So, I'll try one more posting.

I have now copied several of my single layered SACD's onto high quality CRD's blanks.
The copied (CDR) version is very close to the original SACD Layer.
Sometimes, the sound level is difficult to set because of the SACD's larger dynamic swings but it is doable.
You are sending an SACD quality analog signal to your recorder and recording it at a lower resolution (16/44.1), as you probably know. Cds and Cd-rs can sound very good, better than many SACDs, so I don't see why you couldn't get close to SACD quality on your Cd-r recordings.

Michael Fremer records Lps to Cd-rs and says that he gets great sound doing it. He's rather particular about sound, so there's another yes vote.

Since you've got the SACD layer, the Cd layer and your recording of the SACD analog signal, you should be able to tell us which comes in 1st, 2nd and 3d.
Thanks Tomcy6 for your reply. Well the SACD layer played through my Cary Pro is still the best in sound quality, but the CDR from the SACD analog outputs is very , very close. That's why I posted this thread.

I know of no way that I could add the SACD layer to my hardrive to be played via the Squeezebox Touch.

Now , that I have a close to SACD quality recording on a CDR I have loaded that recording into my hardrive and really enjoy those recordings via Squeezebox touch.