Question from newbie

I'm in the market to upgrade my CD player and I'm confused at all the options available. I have a Carver Amp and Adcom Preamp. My current CD player is a six year old Technics that probably cost me under $200Cnd.

I've been looking at the Rotel 1070 and Nad 541i on eBay/Audiogon and they seem to be in my price range.

I posted a comparison question on and the overwhelming responce was to look at the "Multi-Players"? I guess CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A?

I'm only going to be using this player in my audio room to listen to my CD collection. Should I stick with a dedicated CD player or look at the combo players?

Thanks for any advise.
What is your budget? If you are going to listen to only Redbook CD, then I would stay with a CD only player to maximize your enjoyment of said.
Walking through the audio world I started to recognize some terms and under my understanding, someone likes "sweet" but someone like I'm like much more flavours than that. When I changed Marantz CD67SE for McCormack ModSquad the dealer who sold me Marantz asked me if I didn't like how sweet it sounds and I said "It's too much sugar there and I don't want to risk to get a diabetis gimme something with salt pepa and probably a hot sause".

Nad 541i is probably what I'd like. Cambridge D500SE has some "shugar" in its flavour. In fact, I like them both.
my budget is up to $600Cnd...

Check out the Music Hall mmfCD25.
GREAT player for under $500.00 (list$600 and $350.00 used) and will better most if not all players under 1K.
It took well over 1K to better this player when I upgraded.
All the suggestions made here would be very good but the Music Hall would be the best choice IMHO.
Just my $.02. YMMV.
which adcom preamp and what carver amp are you running?
What speakers are they piped thru?
I'm using:

Carver TMF55x amp:
Only thing i could find on it, i bought used:
The TFM-55 is rated at 500 watts rms into 4 Ohms, and not rated into 2 Ohms.

Adcom GTP600 pre amp: No info... again bought .used

Energy C9s:

Cheers, Paul
I still think the original Rega Planet for around $350-$400 (US) provides some of the best sound you can get for the money. They are easy to find because so many were sold, well built and very musical. I still use mine every now and then in my second system. It would be a very nice step up from your Technics, which is the player I replaced when I bought the Planet.