Question for Zu owners

Are any of you guys using your Zu Druids or Definitions in a home theatre application? If you are, what are you doing for a center channel speaker and surrounds?
I'm using mine in conjunction with my TV and DVD player, so I guess you could call that HT. No center channel and I don't feel like I'm missing much. Admittedly, HT isn't on my list of priorities.
Full Zu Theater!

Definitions up front, Druid custom center, Druid custom surround effect speakers, and Zu's original passive 15" sub (It's Big & goes Deep) they had at CES a few years back.

Integra Research Pre/Pro & Amp
Sony DVPNS999ES DVD player

All cables are Varial, Ash, Ibis, Mother & Bok PC

It sounds awsome! I have tried the Definitions with no center, which sounds fine, but with the center you are getting a more solid center image and depth.

I used to use a cheap Energy Center & Surrounds which worked fine. Once we switched them to the Zu's it was a big step up in clarity and surround envelopment.

If you are interested in the center or surrounds, call and talk to Adam or Sean.

Druids in stereo work pretty well. I don't get airplanes flying behind me but there are some pretty intriguing phantom sound effects.
I've got a 42 inch plasma on the wall bracketed by Druids and a very heavy credenza from the used office furniture store on the floor under my screen. This holds all the equipment. The imaging is such that a center channel effect is in place.
Home Theater has always seemed like car stereo for the house so I've never been tempted to install it. I even went so far as to allow a complete surround system to accumulate here but I traded it away without ever hooking it up.
Zu seems similarly disinterested but if you have money to throw away, the Tones could be used for additional channels as they are voiced the same as the bigger speakers.
By the way, the Druids provide much more articulate and imposing bass than any HT sub I've ever heard even if they don't go quite as low.
You don't need a center channel speaker in a properly-set-up Zu 2 channel installation. On the contrary, a center channel will degrade your imaging and can make dialog less intelligible.

The Definitions acoustically manage the midrange and treble dispersion well, by virtue of the vertical MTM array. They are designed to limit vertical dispersion to reduce ceiling and floor effects, and to broaden horizontal dispersion relative to the single-main-driver Druids. So with Definitions it is very easy to obtain a rock-solid alignment of dialog audio to speaking image, for excellent speech clarity on movies.

With Druids, toe-in is more critical to achieve the same, but when dialed-in the effect is just as stable and focused. The window for ideal sound dimensioning will be somewhat narrower than with the Definitions, but in most situations should be quite satisfying for everyone watching.

In general, the extrapolation of the Zu ideal is that simplicity pays, and that holds true for HT 2 channel as well.

However, for anyone who regardless of this advice insists on center or 5 channel, Tones and Druid Studios can give you the industry-encouraged coverage.

I contacted Zu about this question and they sent me back an email letting me know they're working on a Center channel speaker design. It will be out sometime in 2006, however they could not give me an exact date. They recommended Tones for the surround sound speakers.

Sounds intriguing!
It seems that the strength of the Zu speakers is their simplicity and directness. I imagine that would be compromised by the kluginess of multi channel. On the other hand, if you are going to do it, there is nothing better to do it with. Zu has a lively spirited character that I have never encountered before. Sountracks really come to life.