Question for you B&W guys

Let me start off by listing my equipment. The amp is Krell FPB 400CX, Krell KCT pre-amp, Bryston BCD-1, Rel R-328 Sub with B&W 804s Speakers. Cables are Krell Cast, speakers cables are transperant. Here is my system sounds extremely good with the 804's. I am thinking of upgrading to the 803D's. Would it be worth the extra money. I like the fact that the 803's have 3 base drivers. I must say the 804's with the rel sub give me plenty of base.

Thanks in advance
IME subs can wow in home theater and really give music some serious drive. OTOH I have yet to hear one integrate as well as a speaker with equal frequency response. My gut says the 803s on their own would sound more natural and have more properly purportioned bass than the 804/sub combo. And with your hearty amp they will be lively for sure.
I agree...I have owned B&W for years now and you will not really find a major or noticable difference other than less money in your bank account. Your mix is really ideal and if there are no qualms about it, there is no reason to move up the chain, especially in this increment. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
Thanks for your input. Looks like I will stay with my 804s for now. The Rel sub really made a big Improvement in the sound quality. I can't get over how it opened up the sound staging with adding a sub to the system. Adding the Rel sub was one of the biggest improvements I've made with my system. I was just thinking if the 804's sound this good I would like to see what the 803d's would sound like. I guess if it's not broken leave it alone... lol
I would skip th 803 and look for a used pair of 802d.